Biafrans to storm Abuja court on Monday.

Reports say pro-Biafra
protesters are likely to
storm a Federal High
Court in Abuja on
Monday, January 18,
This coming following reports
that their leader, Nnamdi
Kanu will be appearing in
same court by 9.00am and
will be represented by a new
lawyer, a reputable Senior
Advocate of Nigeria (SAN).
Some pro-Biafra protesters
during a recent
demonstration. Reports say
they may return to the
streets next week Monday.
According to Igberetv, the
SAN whose identity has been
hidden, will appear in court
with Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor
to represent the leader of
the Indigenous People Of
Biafra (IPOB).
While counting the gains of
getting a new legal
practitioner to represent the
pro-Biafran in court, IPOB
says Ejiofor has been able
to among other things,
secure the release of over
100 IPOB members locked up
in Abuja prison, file a motion
at the High court that
compels the DSS to bring
Kanu to court in person each
time there is a hearing, file
the bail application which has
resulted in the director
having a hearing on Monday
next week.
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“All Biafrans are expected to
show solidarity with our
leader Nnamdi Kanu and our
new legal team led by a
Senior Advocate of Nigeria
(SAN) and Barr Ifeanyi Ejiofor
by appearing in court on that
day- federal high court
Maitama Abuja.
“Our Leader will be
energized by seeing all of
you hard core Biafrans and
lovers of freedom in court,”
the statement by IPOB read


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