Self Development

5 Qualities You Need
to Reach Your
Biggest Goals
Cynthia Bazin
January 14, 2016
I have had many big goals,
ones I have gone for and
achieved. I earned my
master’s in psychology,
became a private
investigator after working in
the security industry for 20
years, co-authored two
books, and grew my
speaking and mentoring
business into a profitable
It wasn’t always easy—it was
a huge commitment and it
took a lot of determination
each time.
But let’s face it. Sometimes
we give up on our goals
because we don’t follow
through on everything we
should do. We all do it.
Starting today and moving
ahead, don’t be one of those
people that doesn’t achieve
their dreams
. Not because you fail—
because we all make
mistakes. More because we
should live with absolutely
no regrets, because you
don’t want to go through life
knowing that you didn’t go
for it in life.
In my work as a motivational
speaker and mentor, I talk
with people that have not
achieved their goals, and,
usually, it’s not because
their goal wasn’t a great one
—it’s because they give up
too soon, before reaping the
rewards of their efforts.
If this resonates with you, I
want you to change that—to
become one of those people
who do achieve their dreams
. I want to share my personal
experience and what I
advise clients are the
characteristics that help
drive you to huge success to
accomplish your goals.
Here are five qualities you
need to reach your biggest
1. Be positive.
I have always believed that
everything starts with a
positive mindset
. What you put your mind to
is where you will put action
to. You have to believe in
yourself and stay positive
as much as you can. Some of
the best ways to do this are
to surround yourself with
positive, inspiring people;
journal your progress; and
start each day reading an
inspirational article or
listening to something
positive and motivational.
2. Be persistent.
At times when you are trying
to reach a large goal, there
are people that are going to
say “no” to what you want
and need. I have been told
that and you will, too. Strong,
successful people do not
give up. You don’t want to
push too hard on people—
sometimes it just takes a 15
percent shift in your
strategy. And sometimes it’s
that very next person who
will say “yes.” So keep
moving forward on your
goals. Always believe that
today is going to be your
3. Be patient.
You must also have amazing
patience when going for your
biggest goals. We all want to
achieve our goals today. We
want the fruits of our labor
right now, but sometimes the
timing isn’t right for our goal.
As Beverly Sills said, “There
are no shortcuts to any
place worth going.” Get into a
mindset that the wait will be
worth it. Take massive action
on anything that you can, but
remember that great things
take time. Your dreams are
worth the wait.
4. Be resilient.
Throughout our lives, there
are people and situations
that will try to throw us off
our path to success. There
will be people that will try to
tell you that you can’t do it
, and there will be challenges
along the way that might
want to make you quit.
Resilience is definitely a
quality that you need to
have in order to make it. If
you find yourself doubting
yourself at times, one of the
best things you can do is
hire a mentor or coach to
help you positively push
through. Alone you can do a
lot, but together with the
right support system, you’ll
find that you’ll accomplish so
much more.
5. Be adaptable.
As Og Mandino said, “Always
take the attitude of a
student. Never be too big to
ask questions, never know
too much to learn something
new.” You must always learn
and grow through life
because that will help you
achieve great success. You
must have an open mind to
the awesome possibilities
and opportunities out there.
Surround yourself with really
smart people who you can
learn and grow from. When
you surround yourself with
others who have already
taken the path that you are
on, it’ll open you up to
awesome strategies to
achieve success.
You deserve to achieve
your goals and dreams. If
want it, you have to go for it
—but you have to do the
right things to achieve it. Be
positive, persistent yet
patient, have resilience and
always be adaptable.
What are your big goals that
you want to achieve? Believe
in yourself. You can do this!


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