Lessons from Rich dad Poor dad

I think more than anything
else this book served as a
firm reminder that the more
time you spend on your
education and, in this case,
your financial education, the
more financially independent
you’ll be able to be. In other
words, you become what you
One of the major topics in
the book is that too many
people get stuck in a rat
race where they go to school
to find a safe, reliable job,
with a lot of benefits and
promotional structure, take
that type of job, save their
money little by little, pay
their bills and expenses
first, and then spend what
they have left over last,
only to repeat the same cycle
for the rest of their working
lives… ultimately never
allowing them to get ahead or
become financially
Robert Kiyosaki argues that
there are other ways to
become financially
independent by having
money work for you as
opposed to working for
money your whole life. He
talks about real estate, the
stock market, and high
return investing strategies
and how, if you take the time
to really learn about what
you’re doing, it really is less
of a gamble and more of a
logical and smart strategy.
Getting rich and earning
money quick hasn’t ever
been a top priority of mine –
and I don’t think it ever will
be. I believe in learning how
to be happy with less. But
money is a major facilitator
of dreams and would allow
me the opportunity to do
things that I wouldn’t be able
to do otherwise… And I
have a lot of dreams
I’m trying to pursue!
So, until you get your hands
on the book (or not) enjoy
for now my top 10 favorite
quotes from Rich Dad, Poor
Dad that resonated with me
and I found worthy of
“Education is more
valuable than money, in
the long run.” ~ Robert
“Often in the real world,
it’s not the smart who
get ahead, but the bold.”
~ Robert Kiyosaki
“Unfortunately for many
people school is the end,
not the beginning.” ~
Robert Kiyosaki
“Once a person stops
searching for information
and self-knowledge,
ignorance sets in.” ~
Robert Kiyosaki
“I have found that the
more I teach those who
want to learn, the more I
learn.” ~ Robert Kiyosaki
“I’ve learned that,
without a strong reason
or purpose, anything in
life is hard.” ~ Robert
“Today, I often meet
people who are too busy
to take care of their
wealth. And there are
people too busy to take
care of their health. The
cause is the same.
They’re busy, and they
stay busy as a way of
avoiding something they
do not want to face.” ~
Robert Kiyosaki
“Failure inspires
winners. And failure
defeats losers. It is the
biggest secret of
winners. It’s the secret
that losers do not know.
The greatest secret of
winners is that failure
inspires winning; thus,
they’re not afraid of
losing.” ~ Robert
“…one dad had a habit of
saying, “I can’t afford
it.” The other dad
forbade those words to
be used. He insisted I
ask, “How can I afford
it?” One is a statement,
and the other is a
question. One lets you
off the hook, and the
other forces you to
think.” ~ Robert Kiyosaki
“In today’s fast-
changing world, it’s not
so much what you know
anymore that counts,
because often what you
know is old. It is how
fast you learn. That skill
is priceless.” ~ Robert


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