‘Turn your plea into action’ militants tell Buhari

Commandos (NDSC).
A militant group, in the Niger Delta, yesterday, urged President Muhammadu Buhari to discontinue his pretentious plea to militants to cease
bombing oil and gas facilities and commence dialogue with stakeholders to avert
looming disaster.
Spokesperson of the group, self-styled Major Osama Blatter, in a statement, said:
“As members of Sea
Commandos, we cannot take Buhari’s plea serious and we
are running out of patience.
The issue is when he will start his dialogue.”
Militants and Buhari
This came as Niger Delta activist, Chief Bello Oboko, threw his weight behind the
call on President Buhari to emulate the Prime Minister of Britain, David Cameron, by ordering a referendum to find out what Nigerians want.
The Sea Commandos asked:
“When will Nigeria grant
Niger Delta autonomous
Buhari should not play
politics with Niger Delta’s demands. If he plays with us,
we will ground his
government. Delay is
dangerous. We are not
interested in any plea.
“Who told Buhari that
Nigerians do not have other
country than Nigeria? Niger Deltans are not part of Nigeria he is referring to because we belong to Niger Delta Republic. “Buhari should lead the negotiation team, we want
him in the creeks, Buhari should not expect our oil to
stabilize Nigerians economy,
that is a thing of the past.

‘Since he came back, we have not heard anything from him
about the expired two-week ceasefire, he has not announced any extension, which is why we say that he
is pretending. We are
warning that we can no
longer wait, we will commence attack any moment from now,” it added. Oboko backs
Meanwhile, Ijaw leader, Dr Oboko, in a statement, said:
“This is to appreciate Buhari
on his commendation to the British Prime Minister David Cameron on the occasion of
United Kingdom, voting to leave European Union, democratically without necessarily applying British
Jumbo fighter jets last seen put to use in Libya.
“Referendum to peacefully re-make Nigeria like EU is
most attractive,
recommendable to redressing
the Niger Delta national
challenge. “This is, therefore, to appeal to President Buhari to
replicate the British example against military option by
adopting the in-out voting democracy to peacefully fix
the Niger Delta national
challenge at last,” Oboko
Buhari should develop
N-Delta, says Meinbutus
In a related development,
the Amananaowei of
Meinbutus, King Jerry
Prebor, has asked President
Buhari to, as matter of
necessity, “roll out the
bulldozers and caterpillars to
start construction of riverine
road and train network in the
Niger Delta region.
“He should also commence
implementation of the 2014 National Confab report. Mr. President should see himself
as President of Nigeria and as such, do what is right to put Nigeria on the world
map,” Prebor added.
IYC condemns attacks in Lagos, Ogun
In addition, the Ijaw Youth Council, IYC, has
disassociated Ijaw people from the attacks and killing
of innocent Nigerians in
Lagos and Ogun states by criminal elements, describing the killings as “purely criminal.”
In a statement, yesterday, IYC spokesperson, Mr. Eric
Omare, said: “We state
clearly that the persons
carrying out these criminal attacks are not Ijaw people and it is absolutely wrong to
refer to them as Ijaw
militants. The sensational
headlines and impression
been created is that it is Ijaw people or groups that are carrying out organized attacks and killing of people in some Lagos and Ogun


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